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Quality matters to us

The starting point for tasty dishes is the use of high quality products, especially handmade or DOP.

Our fresh pasta is the result of careful processing, of many daily gestures that turn into genuineness in the dish.

The idea of baking fresh bread every day is a small pampering for those who love the authentic flavours of Italian tradition.

Focusing solely on the resources that the Piedmontese territory offers us, travelling, sometimes, to the Veneto region may seem a limited choice, but rich in culinary culture to enhance, also at a gastronomic level, the lands from which we come.

The heritage of Italian cuisine

A fundamental characteristic of Italian cuisine is its simplicity.

La Preja offers dishes linked to the ancient regional traditions of Piedmont and Veneto that are still a pillar of Italian gastronomic history.

At first glance, the customer will take a dip into the everyday life of the past and then return to the present, also discovering an innovative aspect.

The research of new techniques, a lot of attention to the contemporary but a firm eye on history.

Recipes created with passion


"By the time I was three years old, I was playing at being a cook, walking around the house with ladles and pans. It was my dream that soon came true.
I have had many adventures abroad that have broadened my gastronomic vision and increased my professional background, while always remaining attentive to my origins.
I think that the dish reflects the personality of those who create it, in fact my kitchen is often colorful, oscillating between tastes of fantasy and madness ...".

Customer satisfaction is my focus


"I've always had a bright and cheerful disposition, ever since I was a little girl. I like to talk for hours and hours, not noticing how much time passes. Being in contact with people, discovering their various aspects is very interesting... but the thing that I love and that relaxes me the most is to eat well and drink a good glass of wine, possibly Barbera d' Asti, able to enhance the smells of my land.
Here because my greatest satisfaction is to see the smile of the customer when he is at the table, putting myself in their shoes every time".

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